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  • Tackled by my Neighbor

    Tackled by My Neighbor

    Her real name is Prudence but friends and family call her “Pro.” But despite the nickname, she feels like a bumbling novice at, well, everything…especially dating.

    Pro’s single in NYC and keeps swiping right on all the wrong guys. And to make matters worse, her business is having a hard time just keeping the lights on.

    When Pro finally lands a celebrity client who could turn it all around, she takes herself out to bask in her small success. But her celebration gets sidetracked when she catches her latest internet flame all over another woman. Hurt, upset, and a hot mess, Pro abandons her night of celebration in tears, running out of a champagne lounge and accidentally slamming into the chest of a man on the street – David.

    Kind, considerate, and absolutely gorgeous, David plays for a local professional football team. Nicknamed “Meat Mountain,” he’s huge everywhere and has rich brown eyes, a chiseled face, and a big heart.

    Will this finally be one for the win column? Or will Pro get sacked by love yet again?