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  • Taking Risks With the Rookie

    Sometimes you can’t unscrew the pooch.

    I didn’t realize what I was doing when I went after my friend’s not-so-secret crush.

    Martin Avondale might not be the best football player of all time, but he may be the best looking to ever put on cleats.

    How a night out with my friends ended up with me clicking with a professional football player and ruining my friendship all in a matter of hours still makes my head spin.

    I thought a sincere apology would make things right with my friend. Oh, how naïve I was.

    Now she’s out for revenge and it might just cost me my new job, new friends, and new love!

    Is there really no unscrewing my life?

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  • Sacking the Quarterback

    Her name is Tyra, and she only has one type: football player.

    The broad shoulders, chiseled faces, and tight pants make her heat up, and ever since her high school days stealing kisses from the varsity running back, she’s been hooked on the guys of the gridiron. And she’s not the only one.

    They’re called the “Jersey Chasers,” a group of friends who go out and help each other score with football’s hottest recruits. And until now, it’s worked really well.

    But when Tyra meets the big-name quarterback who was traded to the local team, this bad-girl has met her match. Kevin’s handsome, smart, and sweet, and he and Tyra have a lot in common – including a growing desire to settle down.

    As their relationship heats up, Tyra will consider swapping out her football groupie ways for a real relationship. But that’s not going to happen if her past blocks her happily ever after from coming true.

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  • Tackled by my Neighbor

    Tackled by My Neighbor

    Her real name is Prudence but friends and family call her “Pro.” But despite the nickname, she feels like a bumbling novice at, well, everything…especially dating.

    Pro’s single in NYC and keeps swiping right on all the wrong guys. And to make matters worse, her business is having a hard time just keeping the lights on.

    When Pro finally lands a celebrity client who could turn it all around, she takes herself out to bask in her small success. But her celebration gets sidetracked when she catches her latest internet flame all over another woman. Hurt, upset, and a hot mess, Pro abandons her night of celebration in tears, running out of a champagne lounge and accidentally slamming into the chest of a man on the street – David.

    Kind, considerate, and absolutely gorgeous, David plays for a local professional football team. Nicknamed “Meat Mountain,” he’s huge everywhere and has rich brown eyes, a chiseled face, and a big heart.

    Will this finally be one for the win column? Or will Pro get sacked by love yet again?

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  • Sacked by My Neighbor Book Cover

    Sacked by My Neighbor

    Pro has it all figured out. Her business is rocking out thanks to a celebrity client, and her relationship with David “Meat Mountain” Fleischberg is heating up. But Pro knows life’s a rollercoaster…and she’s ready for the drop.

    Between dealing with some major work drama and feeling the effects of having her family and friends hundreds of miles away, Pro almost doesn’t notice David pulling away from her ahead of his final season. Before she knows it, all of the mixed messages, cancelled dates, and cryptic conversations have created some serious doubt, and it all comes to a head when Pro once again bumps into The Mountain about town.

    Will Pro learn to fight for the good things in life, or will she let her doubts and concerns paralyze her? Find out in the second book of this praised series by Ashlyn Hope.

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  • Blitzed by My Neighbor

    Blitzed by My Neighbor

    When Pro discovers she’s the talk of the town back home, she isn’t sure if she’s horrified or flattered. All the people there love that they know the girlfriend of David “Meat Mountain” Fleischberg, football star of the Hulks. But Pro isn’t a fan of the new attention when strangers and even the national media start butting into her business.

    And as if that wasn’t enough drama, David starts hinting at his desire to settle down. He’s making some big plays to move the relationship down the field, and even though Pro is feeling secure in herself and her relationship, she finds herself wondering if it’s all worth it.

    Will Pro be able to sacrifice her simple life for one in the spotlight with David? And will he have the patience to wait while she figures it out?

    Read the conclusion of the praised Going Pro series to find out.

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