Blitzed by My Neighbor

Book 3

Excerpt: Chapter 1

I pressed my head back into the pillow and opened my mouth – but before I could let out a noise, a hand covered my face. I had to keep my voice down.

I looked down at David, where he was between my legs, and I raised my eyebrows at him to let him know I got it. Please. I wasn’t going to do anything that could end up spoiling this. I wasn’t going to get loud.

He pulled his hand away and returned his attention to my pussy, and I let myself relax into the sheets once more. Fuck, that felt good.

He traced his tongue back and forth across my clit a couple of times, moving slowly, and I curled my toes and felt my muscles tense with excitement when I realized how close I was. Even in these less-than-ideal circumstances, he always knew how to push me to the edge, so close I was gasping. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair, pulling him against me, lifting my hips and grinding against his face.

It took everything I had in me not to make a sound, but I managed it, pressing my lips together and praying I didn’t lose control like I had done the last time. It had only been for a second, but David had pulled away from me so quickly, I had been left reeling for more, and I was determined not to end up that way again.

He sealed his lips around my clit once more, like he had done at the start, and I knew he was going to make me finally come. He had been buried between my legs for what felt like forever, guiding me closer and closer to the edge before backing off just a bit, leaving me almost begging for more. Most of the guys I’d been with before David would have grown bored by that point and would have been asking me when I was going to come already. But David seemed as though he would have been happy spending the next 24 hours down there if that’s what I’d wanted, and while that was tempting as hell, I could feel myself getting closer and closer and…

I pressed my fist into the bed and squeezed my eyes shut and let a long, sharp breath escape my lips as I came. It was the most I could allow myself. The pleasure was overwhelming, and I wanted to scream his name so loud that the walls would shake!

Even if I’d wanted to, I couldn’t forget his sister was just a room away from us. His sister Lisa slept lightly at the best of times, and she wouldn’t exactly be delighted to be woken up by David giving his girlfriend the time of her life. Although I was silent, the pleasure shuddered through me, making my body buckle and burn with desire for him, and then it ebbed away once more, leaving me a quivering wreck trembling beneath him.

He slipped out from between my legs and climbed up the bed to cuddle up next to me. He had that all-too-happy-with-himself expression on his face as he planted a kiss on my shoulder, and I slowly peeled my eyes all the way open to look at him.

“Good?” He asked as though I was going to say anything different.

“Great,” I murmured, keeping my voice low. He pulled me against his chest, and I snuggled in against him, breathing in the familiar scent of his skin and wondering once again what I’d done to deserve a man like this.

“How much longer until Natalie moves out of your place?” He ran his fingers up and down my arm. I sighed and shrugged.

“Honestly? I have no idea. Could be a couple of weeks. Could be a couple of months.”

“Damn,” he sighed. “I was hoping we might be able to use your place for… you know… while my sister’s in town.”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied. “Though we could play hooky and meet there one afternoon. I’m sure I could find the time…”

“Tempting as that is,” he cut me off, the regret thick in his voice. “The season already started, and I was lucky we had the bye week. I won’t have much time for anything other than just… this.”

“Yeah, I know,” I sighed. I didn’t like to remember that my boyfriend was going to still be married to football for at least the next four months. I already figured most of the time I’d see him until the season ended, it would be on TV. It sucked – and it doubly sucked considering we couldn’t exactly find the one-on-one time that we had savored earlier in our relationship. Alone time was feeling like a commodity.

It’s not like I minded having Natalie staying with me. I actually loved having my best friend crashing on my couch, even if it did feel sometimes like she was somewhat cramping my style. Her there, combined with the fact that David’s sister was staying with him, meant we couldn’t really get much time to ourselves, and it was starting to get under my skin. I shouldn’t let it – I knew that – but life had been such a rollercoaster for me for the past several months, and all I wanted was for everything to go back to normal. Or to be what normal would look like for us. It still felt weird and exciting thinking about David and I as being an us.

“Fuck, I’m so tired,” David said as he yawned, leaning his head back into the pillow as I had done moments earlier. It seemed like he almost took as much pleasure in it. I wasn’t surprised. In between practice, seeing me, and taking care of his sister, he hadn’t had much time for little things like sleep and food. It really made it a wonder he could stay on his feet in training at all.

Not that David had to do too much for Lisa. She was regaining her independence, and David knew better than to try to take care of her right now. Lisa had fled from her abusive asshole ex with David’s help, but she was fragile and scared and was trying to feel safe again. She was staying with her big older brother for a few months while she became herself again. I’d want to be close to family too.

When he was home, I knew she liked having him there to talk, which made the idea of us absconding to a seedy motel just to unleash our carnal desires a bit… obvious.

So while the situation was not ideal, we made due. We were limited to these sleepy, near silent romps in his bedroom once we assumed she was asleep.

“I’m really tired, too,” I admitted. I had been running all over the city the last few weeks, and I felt like I’d hardly had time to put my feet on the ground.

Aside from when I saw David, I felt like I was doing massages every waking moment – or talking about massage with Natalie, as I had to help her get acclimated to her new job at the stadium. I was still working with the Firemen doing massage for them up to 30 hours each week, and I was taking clients at the spa suite I rented at least two days every week. And, of course, I made sure to squeeze in time with David anytime there was a chance.

Sure, I was wiped, but I had hoped the two of us might be able to carve out a little more time than this together. It was all touch-and-go. Our schedules made it tough for me to even lay eyes on him over the next few months, even though I really had hoped for more.

The way things worked out, we just hadn’t had a chance to see each other much. He was busy, and I was busy, and we suddenly had to tip-toe around. There was little time together outside these illicit-feeling encounters late at night while our welcome-but-not-exactly-ideal roommates were both staying at our apartments.

Hell, I had to even sneak out this evening to see him! I knew that Natalie’s lovable nosy butt would have a thousand teasing questions about where I was going and what I was doing – she’d done it before. So if she caught me walking out the door so late on a school night, I had zero doubt the same treatment would be in store for me again.

David took my hand and linked his fingers through it, turning it this way and that in the dim light coming from the street outside. Our hands looked so good together, so natural, like they were always meant to fit together in this way. I had always thought holding hands was kind of weird before – why would you want to get your palms all sweaty when you could just act like grown-ups and not touch each other every second of every day? But now with David, I got it. Because all I wanted to do, every chance I got, was touch him. I wanted to touch every inch of him, to feel how this bit of his body felt against mine, or that bit, or the other…

“I’ll miss this when you’re away,” I sighed, and he stroked my cheek and planted a soft kiss on my forehead. “And you’re going to be gone even more.”

“I will too,” he admitted. “But maybe you could… I was thinking, if you’d be up for it, I could fly you out to see me?”

“How often? For, like, every game?” I sat up and looked over at him. The idea of jet setting off to see every game certainly felt glamorous. It also felt exhausting. “With work and all, I don’t know if I could…”

“No, not every game,” he shook his head. “If you wanted to, sure, but I wouldn’t expect that. Just the ones that are convenient? Or games that are a big deal? Whenever you feel like it, really.”

“Are you serious?” I grinned. I was flattered. Frank, the member of the Firemen who hooked me up with the freelance massage gig with their team had let it slip that most of the guys weren’t on the up-and-up as soon as they flew out for an away game. He had told me many of the guys would take their time away from their wives and girlfriends to hook up with whoever they could get their hands on. I guessed that David wanting me on the road with him was an awfully good sign.

Not that I had related experience, but I’m guessing that it’s hard to sneak around in a different city when you’ve flown your girlfriend out there. Me deplaning would be an awfully huge sign that David “Meat Mountain” Fleischberg was spoken for.

“Of course I’m serious,” he replied, absent-mindedly trailing his fingers up and down my body. God, I could have just melted into his arms when he did that to me. I was such a sucker for his touch. It seemed he wanted to touch me every chance he got, too.


“Yeah,” he assured me with a hearty nod. “It’s just not the same on video chat, you know?”

“What’s not the same on video chat?” I teased as I settled back down, snuggling my body into his. “My, I hope your intentions are wholesome. I mean, you just want to see me, right? Like, my face?”

“They totally aren’t wholesome,” he replied with a hearty chuckle, and I could hear that devilish playfulness in his voice once more. If it hadn’t been for Lisa just one room over, I would have slid on top of him and gone for it all over again. But as it was, I knew we’d pushed our luck far enough, and I didn’t want anything else to potentially wake her and then attract her attention more than we already could have.

“And we might get a little more privacy in a hotel room,” he remarked, as though reading my mind. I giggled.

“More privacy in a hotel room than at home?” I murmured.

“Yeah, but then it’s been a weird-ass few weeks,” he replied with a serious nod. It really had been, and if his sister wasn’t staying here in a time of need, David would have abandoned ship, and we’d have been holed up in a hotel for most of preseason.

I closed my eyes and nestled into his chest. I knew I should probably go home then. Staying here meant I was going to have to peel myself out of bed crazy early so I could get home to pack up all my stuff to hitch a ride with Natalie to the stadium on time, but I wasn’t going anywhere yet. This was too comfortable, too perfect, and I wasn’t about to give it up for something as pointless as much-needed sleep. But OMG, did I miss sleep.

“Goodnight, baby,” David murmured, as though sensing I was about drift off into sleep.

“Goodnight,” I replied, and I leaned up to place a soft kiss on his mouth before I dozed off. As soon as our lips met, I knew we’d be up to plenty more than sleep tonight. Houseguest or no houseguest. But I already was committed to keeping things quiet.

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