Cover of Defensive Maneuvers, Jersey Chasers #2 With a Couple With Arms Around Eachother

After a bad breakup, Sadie is putting her life back together. With a new place to live, a new job, and a new friend, the only thing missing is a new man.

Enter her boy-crazy, jersey-chasing, football-obsessed coworker, Kelly, who drags Sadie along to a football party at a posh nightclub. Kelly hopes Sadie will find a guy to hook up with; Sadie just hopes to make it through the night. Much to both of their surprise, Sadie ends up hitting it off with the wickedly funny, smart, and sexy Martin… who just happens to be the player Kelly was hoping to sack that night.

Kelly might like to play the game, but she isn’t keen on competition. Unable to accept that Sadie and Martin are hitting it off, as the relationship between the two of them blooms, Kelly starts acting strangely, and her crazy quotient continues to rise.

Kelly starts to foul things up for Sadie and Martin, threatening their happily ever after. Will Sadie find a way to fight back and defend the relationship, or will she find that it isn’t worth the struggle? Afterall, even if she fights off Kelly, there are plenty of other jersey chasers in town waiting for their chance with Martin …

Join Sadie on her journey from broken-hearted pouter to A-list girlfriend in this story of sexy players, hooking up, and fending off jealous groupies.