Going Pro: Out of Bounds Book Cover, Muscular African American Man With His Hands in His Pockets Stands Contrapposto

Her given name is Prudence, but friends and family call her “Pro.” And it looks like she’s (finally) living up to her superstar nickname.

Pro has it all figured out. Her business is rocking out thanks to a celebrity client, and her relationship with David “Meat Mountain” Fleischberg is heating up. But Pro knows life’s a rollercoaster…and she’s ready for the drop.

Between dealing with some major work drama and feeling the effects of having her family and friends hundreds of miles away, Pro almost doesn’t notice David pulling away from her ahead of his final season. Before she knows it, all of the mixed messages, cancelled dates, and cryptic conversations have created some serious doubt, and it all comes to a head when Pro once again bumps into The Mountain about town.

Will Pro learn to fight for the good things in life, or will she let her doubts and concerns paralyze her? Find out in the second book of this praised series by Ashlyn Hope.