Going Pro: The Big Play Cover, Man Holds Woman Up In Air By Her Butt as They Embrace

With a rollercoaster ride of a football season, paparazzi on the prowl, and a best friend who could be making a big mistake, it seems like there’s a lot trying to interfere with Pro’s happily ever after.

When Pro discovers she’s the talk of the town back home, she isn’t sure if she’s horrified or flattered. All the people there love that they know the girlfriend of David “Meat Mountain” Fleischberg, football star of the Hulks. But Pro isn’t a fan of the new attention when strangers and even the national media start butting into her business.

And as if that wasn’t enough drama, David starts hinting at his desire to settle down. He’s making some big plays to move the relationship down the field, and even though Pro is feeling secure in herself and her relationship, she finds herself wondering if it’s all worth it.

Will Pro be able to sacrifice her simple life for one in the spotlight with David? And will he have the patience to wait while she figures it out?

Read the conclusion of the praised Going Pro series to find out.